How to replace the date/backup battery on the EOS 10D

Article ID: ART104923 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


How to replace the date/backup battery on the EOS 10D


The date/time battery maintains the camera's date and time. The battery's service life is about 5 years. When the date/time battery's power is low, "C bC " will appear on the LCD panel. Replace the battery with a new CR2025 lithium battery as described below.
  • If a battery pack or DC coupler is attached to the camera, the camera's date and time and menu functions will be maintained while you replace the battery.

Set the <> switch to <OFF>.

Remove the date/time battery cover.

  • Use a coin to turn the cover by 45 degrees as shown by the arrow.
  • Do not turn the cover by more than 45 degrees.

Remove the old battery.

  • Point the battery compartment downward and push in the edge of the battery to take it out.

Install a new battery.

  • The plus side of the battery must face upward.

Attach the battery cover.

  • If necessary, set the correct date and time.



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