How to set a custom white balance on the EOS 10D

Article ID: ART104925 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


How to set a custom white balance on the EOS 10D


With custom white balance, you shoot a white object that will serve as the standard for the white balance. By selecting this image, you import its white balance data for the white balance setting.

Shoot a white object.

  • The white object should fill the entire partial metering circle.
  • Set any white balance setting.
  • Shoot the white object so that a standard exposure is obtained. If it is underexposed or overexposed, a correct white balance setting might not be obtained.

On the menu, select [Custom WB].

  • Press the <MENU> button.
  • Turn the <> dial to select [Custom WB], then press <SET>.

Select an image.

  • Turn the <> dial to select the image captured in step 1, then press <SET >.
  • The image's white balance data will be imported.
  • After the setting is completed, the menu will reappear.
  • To exit the menu and turn off the LCD monitor, press the <MENU> button.

Press the <AF/WB> button.

  • Select the "custom white balance".

Turn the <> dial to select <>.

  • For the standard white object, a sheet of plain, white paper is recommended.
  • You can store on the CF card the images of the standard white object captured under various lighting. Then while shooting, you can select one of these images with the [Custom WB] menu command to easily set the white balance best suited for the current lighting condition.



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