Definition of ChromaLife100+
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Definition of ChromaLife100+


Definition of ChromaLife100+

Source: ChromaLife 100+ System page on the CUSA Website

ChromaLife100 evolved into a new system.
With the development of new ink and new photo paper, the new system provides more beautiful photo print and enhanced longevity.
This new system is ChromaLife100+.


Development of new dye ink and photo paper

Color fades gradually with the passage of time with regular silver halide photos that are developed and printed from negatives and with photos that are printed with an inkjet printer. This is due to the impact of gases contained in the air and light. To minimize this impact and to keep beautiful photos as they are for many years, Canon developed ChromaLife100 in 2005.

Then in 2008, Canon worked on improving the performance of genuine ink and genuine photo paper to enhance ChromaLife100 further. As a result, 2008 new genuine dye-based inks have been developed. And also new photo paper, "Photo Paper Plus Glossy ll PP-201", "Photo Paper Pro ll PR-201" and "Photo Paper Pro Platinum PT-101" have been developed.

With the introduction of "new genuine dye ink" and "genuine photo paper", ChromaLife100 evolved into ChromaLife100+.

ChromaLife100+ expanded color reproduction especially in red areas. Richer and brighter color reproduction is provided. Since the photo black ink became more neutral, the black is deeper and the vivid colors in the photograph stand out. It also improved the performance of longevity as well.

FINE print head, new genuine dye-based inks and genuine photo paper—the power of these three genuine products combine to bring further "long-lasting beauty".

The dye-based inks are designed to maximally exhibit high image quality and high weather-resistance when combined with PIXMA's high-performance print head FINE, and Canon genuine photo paper.

Source: ChromaLife 100+ System page on the CUSA Website