ROM Flash Procedure MF 4150 Series

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ROM Flash Procedure MF 4150 Series


ROM Flash Procedure MF 4150 Series

imageCLASS MF4150 Firmware Update

Firmware revision history:

  • V054 "Toner Not Set" message improvement
  • V057 Minor factory production update.
  • V061 Prevention of E225 error Code.

Firmware update Procedure

*There is a risk that the MF4150 will not operate if power interruption occurs

during the firmware update. Please make sure MF4150 is connected to

reliable AC power source.

1. Save the downloaded file "MF4150_FirmwareUpdateTool_V0xx.exe on local drive. (i.e. desktop)

Computer Requirements for update

- Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP (32bit)

- Equipped with a USB port (either 1.1 or 2.0)

- Free disk space: 100 MB or more

2. Make sure that Processing/Data indicator (Green LED) on the MF4150's operation panel is turned off.

If the light is lit or blinking, wait until all the jobs are finished (i.e., COPY, PRINT, and SCAN), and that the Processing/Data indicator is turned off.

3. Make sure that Error indicator (Red LED) on the operation panel is turned off. If Processing/Data indicator (Green LED) is lit and Error indicator (Red LED) is blinking at the same time, jobs are held in the printer memory due to an error, possible cause is out of toner or paper has run out, or toner cartridge is not installed. Check the LCD for and error message and refer to the documentation that came with the printer to resolve the error.

4. Disconnect Fax line cable from the MF4150 to prevent Fax reception interruption during firmware update.

5. Make sure the USB cable is directly connected to the MF4150 and your computer.

  • Do NOT use a USB hub to connect the cable, as it may lead to a connection error.
  • Make sure the machine is not in the Sleep mode (i.e., [Energy Saver] key on the operation panel is leit). To exit the Sleep mode, press [Energy Saver] and confirm that the Energy Saver light is off.
  • You need to log on as an administrator to perform this update.
  • Make sure that no other applications are running on your computer.

6. If [Found New Hardware Wizard] appears on your PC screen, click [Cancel] to exit the screen.

  • [Found New Hardware Wizard] screen may be displayed multiple times. Cancel anytime you encounter this screen while performing this update.

7. Double-click "MF4150_FirmwareUpdateTool_V0xx.exe" that you downloaded and saved.

8. . Double-click "MF4150_V0xx_FirmwareUST.exe" that is in the newly created folder as a result of uncompressed downloaded file.

9. Confirm that the machine is in the ready status, and then click [Transfer]

  • If the printer is not detected: Check if the printer's power is turned on and the USB cable is properly connected. Then click [Retry] to proceed.

10. The firmware is transferred to the printer.

  • Never turn of the power to the MF4150 while firmware is updating. If power interruption occurs while the firmware is being updated the control board will be damaged and will need to be replaced. The replacement of the control board and labor will not be covered under warranty.
  • If an error occurs while transferring the firmware: Check if USB cable is properly connected. Click [Retry] to proceed.

11. When [Firmware transfer is complete] appears, click [Exit].

The printer starts the update process automatically.

<ERASE FLASH ROM> appears on the printer's display while the existing firmware is being erased.

Then printer's display shows <FIRMWARE UPDATE> while updating the firmware.

When the firmware update is complete, the printer's display shows <FIRMWARE UPDATE OK> <MACHINE POWER OFF/ON>

12. Turn printer's power switch OFF, wait 2 seconds then turn the power switch back ON. Check that there is no error on the printer display. Reconnect removed fax line cable.



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