Procedure for shooting movies while in a still image mode on the EOS 5D MK II

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Procedure for shooting movies while in a still image mode on the EOS 5D MK II


You can shoot movies in all shooting modes. Also, during the Live View image display or movie shooting, you can take still photos by pressing the shutter button completely. Playing back the movie on a TV set connected to the camera is recommended

1 Select [6 Live View/Movie func. set.].
  • The menu procedure is the same

2 Enable movie shooting.

Fully-Automatic Modes ()

  • Select [Movie recording] and set it to [Enable].

P/Tv/Av/M/B Modes

  • Select [LV func. setting].
  • Select [Stills+movie], then select [Movie display].

3 Set the movie recording size.

  • Select [Movie rec. size] and set the size.

[1920x1080] Full HD (Full High-Definition) quality

[640x480] 4:3 standard quality

4 Display the Live View image.

  • Press the <> button.
  • The image matching the [Screen settings] setting is displayed on the LCD monitor.

5 Focus the subject.

  • Before shooting a movie, focus with AF or manual focus

6 Start shooting the movie.

  • Press <> to start shooting the movie. While the movie is being shot, the "" mark will be displayed on the upper right of the screen.

7 Stop shooting the movie.

  • Press <> again.

Movie Shooting Time

  • With a 4GB card, you can shoot a movie in [1920x1080] for about 12 min. At [640x480], about 24 min. (Based on Canon's testing standards.)
  • You can shoot movies up to about 90 min. total at 23°C/73°F. Or up to about 80 min. total at 0°C/32°F (with a fully-charged Battery Pack LP-E6).
  • During movie shooting, the top, bottom, left, and right parts of the screen will have a semi-transparent mask. The area enclosed by the semi-transparent mask will be the movie image that is recorded. The semi-transparent mask size will change depending on the [Movie rec. size] setting
  • In the fully-automatic modes (), the movie shooting screen will always be displayed.
  • In the P/Tv/Av/M/B modes, if [LV func. setting] is set to [Stills+movie], you can still shoot movies by pressing <0> even if [Screen settings] has been set to [Stills display] or [Exposure simulation].



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