Procedure for using Macro Mode PowerShot G10.

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Procedure for using Macro Mode PowerShot G10.


Procedure for shooting close-ups (Macro Mode)

Use the macro mode to shoot close-ups of subjects

Image Area at Minimum Shooting Distance from End of Lens to Subject:

• Maximum wide angle setting: 32 x 23 mm (1.26 x 0.91 in.)

• Minimum shooting distance: 1 cm (0.39 in.) in full wide angle.

1. Press the <DISPLAY> button to turn the LCD monitor on (if necessary).

2. Press the button.

  • The icon appears on the display panel and the LCD monitor.

  • Pressing the button again to display cancels the macro mode and returns the camera to normal shooting..

3. Shoot the image.

  • Shooting procedures are the same as for the Mode.
  • When using the zoom in macro mode, a yellow bar appears below the zoom bar to indicate the range in which you cannot use macro mode to shoot the subject. If the zoom bar enters the yellow bar range, the macro mode icon will turn gray. You can still shoot the image, however, the shot will be taken as if in standard shooting mode. The zoom bar disappears after approx. 2 sec.
  • Always use the LCD monitor to compose images in macro mode. Shooting with the viewfinder is possible, though, the parallax phenomenon may cause images composed with the optical viewfinder to be off-center.



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