The VIXIA HF and HG series support both SD as well as SDHC memory cards

Article ID: ART105267 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


The VIXIA HF and HG series support both SD as well as SDHC memory cards


You can use commercially available SDHC (SD high capacity) memory cards up to 32GB and SD memory cards with this camcorder. However, depending on its Speed Class, you may not be able to record movies on the memory card. We recommend using SDHC memory cards with a Speed Class 4 ()or higher. Refer to the table below for card compatibility information.

Memory Card


SD Speed Class

Recording Movies

Recording Still Images

SD Memory Cards

64 MB or less

Not applicable



128 MB or more

Not listed



or higher


SDHC Memory Cards

Over 2 GB


or higher


1Except for the [MXP and FXP 24Mbps and 17 Mbps] recording modes.
2On some memory cards you may not be able to record movies.

  • About SDHC Memory Cards: SDHC is the new type of SD memory card with capacities over 2 GB. Please note that the specifications of SDHC memory cards are different from those of regular SD memory cards and you will not be able to use memory cards of over 2 GB with devices that do not support SDHC. However, SDHC devices (including this camcorder) are backward compatible and support regular SD memory cards.
  • About the SD Speed Class: The SD Speed Class is a standard that indicates the minimum guaranteed data transfer speed of SD/SDHC memory cards. When you buy a new memory card, look for the Speed Class logo on the package.



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