Automatically Correcting / Enhancing Photos in Easy-PhotoPrint EX (Win)

Article ID: ART105271 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Using the Auto Photo Fix Function

Apply optimum corrections automatically to the photos used for an album or calendar.

  • The Auto Photo Fix function is not available for Photo Print. Photo Print allows you to automatically apply suitable corrections to all photos when printing. Select this option in Image on the Advanced tab of the Preferences dialog box. To display the Preferences dialog box, click (Settings) in the Layout/Print screen or select 'Preferences...' from the File menu.

  • Once image is corrected with Auto Photo Fix and saved, it cannot be corrected again with Auto Photo Fix. Also, Auto Photo Fix may not be available for images edited using an application, digital camera, etc. manufactured by other companies.

  1. Select photos in the Select Images screen, then click (Correct/Enhance Images).

    The Correct/Enhance Images window appears.

    Note: You can also display the Correct/Enhance Images window by clicking (Correct/Enhance Images) in the Layout/Print or Edit screen. In that case, only the image displayed in Preview can be corrected/enhanced.

  2. Select the image you want to correct from the list displayed in the lower part of the Correct/Enhance Images window.

    The image appears in Preview.

    Note: If only one image is selected, the thumbnail does not appear below Preview.

  3. Make sure that 'Auto' is selected.

  4. Click 'Auto Photo Fix', then click 'OK'.

    The entire photo is corrected automatically and the figure: Correction/Enhancement mark (Correction/Enhancement) mark appears on the upper left of the image.

    • Click (Compare) to display the images before and after the correction side by side so that you can compare and check the result.

    • Click 'Reset Selected Image' to undo the correction operation.

    • If you want to apply the correction to all the selected images at once, select the 'Apply to all images' checkbox.

  5. Click 'Save Selected Image' or 'Save All Corrected Images'. You can save corrected images as new files.

    • To save only the image you like, click 'Save Selected Image'. To save all images, click 'Save All Corrected Images'.

    • Only JPEG/Exif file format is available for corrected images.

  6. Click 'Exit'.

    Note: The corrections will be lost if you exit before saving corrected images.



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