Change the Paper Feed From a Mac - PIXMA iP3600, iP4600 Printers
Article ID: ART105298 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 03/02/2020


Learn how to change the paper feed settings with a Mac for your PIXMA iP3600 or iP4600.


The paper on your PIXMA printer feeds from either the cassette or the auto sheet feeder. To change the feed settings from your Mac® so you can print on two types of paper without stopping to reload, follow the instructions below.

Note You can only change the paper feed source from the printer settings on your computer (not from the printer panel).

  1. Make sure your printer is connected to the computer, and both machines are turned on.

  2. Open the File menu of the application you normally print from, and select Print.

    File chosen from printer application menu
  3. Select your printer from the second drop-down.

    Printer model chosen from Printer drop-down
  4. Select Quality & Media from the third drop-down.

    Quality & Media selected from 3rd drop-down menu
  5. From the Paper Source drop-down, select the desired paper source. For details, see the section below.

    Rear Tray selected (as an example) from the Quality & Media drop-down

    If you choose:

    • Automatically Select:‚Äč
      Plain paper Letter size 8.5"x11", A5, A4, or B5 feeds from the cassette. Other paper sizes and types feed from the rear tray.

    • Rear Tray
      Paper always feeds from the rear tray.

    • Cassette
      Paper always feeds from the cassette.
      Note Only plain Letter 8.5"x11", A5, A4, or B5 can feed from the cassette.

    • Continuous Autofeed
      If paper runs out in one paper source, the printer automatically switches to the other paper source.
      Note Load the same type and size of plain paper in the rear tray and the cassette so the paper feeds properly when it switches sources.
      Note Continuous Autofeed is unavailable when paper other than Plain Paper is selected for Media Type.

  6. Select Paper Allocation. The IJ Printer Utility launches.

    Paper Allocation button chosen (Under Paper Source drop-down).
  7. To change the settings, select Paper Allocation from the drop-down, then select the Paper Size to load in the cassette. Select Apply, then Quit.

    Paper Size drop-down shown with US Letter chosen as an example
  8. Select Print to begin a print task.
    Note If you frequently load plain paper in the cassette, the printer feeds paper from the rear tray when you use a different type of paper.