Calibrating the scanner (8800F)

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Calibrating the scanner (8800F)


Calibrating the Scanner (8800F)

Calibration is performed automatically the first time you use the scanner.

Perform Calibration when the color tone of the preview image is significantly different from the source document, or when colors appear in white portions.

Clicking the Preview button with the 'Execute at Every Scan' option set to ON will start the calibration process, which adjusts the scanned image to the proper coloration.

To calibrate the scanner:

  1. Open ScanGear from the desired application (ex.- Toolbox, PhotoStudio, etc.).

     Opening ScanGear is as simple as scanning.  When you go to scan, ScanGear is the interface that opens up.  The process of scanning can vary by application.  Some applications may have a "Scan" option while others may have an "Acquire" option.  In either case, ScanGear will be the scanning interface that is accessed.

  2. If not already in Advanced Mode, click on the 'Advanced Mode' tab.
  3. The calibration option is located in the Image Settings section.
    Set the option for 'Execute at Every Scan' to ON.

    Note: In order for the Calibration Settings to be fully visible, it may be necessary to click the double arrow next to it. Additionally, as the Image Settings section is scrollable, you may need to use the scroll bar to scroll down.
  4. Click the 'Preview' button. The scanner will calibrate and then perform a preview scan.



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