Redistributing Toner (MF5800 series)

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Redistributing Toner


Redistributing Toner

When the toner is running low and the message <TONER LOW/PREPARE NEW TONER> appears on the display, redistribute toner in the toner cartridge. We recommend that you prepare a new toner cartridge for future replacement with ease.


  • When <KEEP PRINTING> is set, the printed documents may be light or blurred because of lack of toner. The data is erased when the documents are printed out, so you cannot print the same documents again.

1. If you are using the multi-purpose tray, fold multi-purpose tray extension, push back the auxiliary tray into place, and then close the multi-purpose tray.

2. Push the open button.

3. Open the front cover.

4. Remove the toner cartridge.

- Always hold the toner cartridge by its handle.

- Do not open the drum protective shutter (A) on the toner cartridge. Print quality may deteriorate if the drum surface is exposed to light or is damaged.

5. Gently rock the toner cartridge several times to evenly distribute toner inside.

6. Align the toner cartridge to the guides in the machine and slide the cartridge completely into the machine until it stops.

7. Close the front cover.

- If you cannot close the front cover, do not force it to close. Open the cover and make sure the toner cartridge is properly set in the machine.



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