How to Set the Preset Camera Angle and Exposure Compensation in the VK-64 / VK-16 Software ver. 2.2

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Set the Preset Camera Angle and Exposure Compensation

1. In the [Preview] field a live preview is given of the selected camera view when connected.

Select a camera position from [Preset] drop-down menu of available camera angles, to retain a live preview from that angle.

Alternatively, move your mouse pointer in the [Preview] area to display controls and clicking to pan, tilt and zoom

2. Check [Preset Tour] to move among multiple preset positions sequentially (VB-C60, VB-C300, VB-C50i/VB-C50iR only). Click [Settings] to specify the order to switch among presets.

However, [Preset Tour] is grayed out in VB-C500VD and VB-C500D as this function is not supported.

3. Select [On] or [Off] from the [Exposure Compensation] drop-down menu (You can set the exposure compensation to [High], [Medium], [Low] or [Off] for VB-C300, VB-C50i/VB-C50iR, VB-C50FSi and VB-C50Fi. On VB-C500VD, VB-C500D and VB-C60, the options include: 0, +1, +2, +3, -3, -2, -1).

Select [Not Specified] to accept the currently configured Camera Server exposure settings.


  • Camera angle can be changed by moving your mouse pointer in the [Preview] area to display controls.

By clicking, pan, tilt and zoom function can be controlled

  • After the camera server control finishes, the [Preset] is set to [Custom], and the current setting values of exposure compensation and the camera server position are used for recording.
  • If you select [Not Specified] for [Preset], Storage Server records video the Camera Server currently displays. However if camera angle is changed from the Viewer, the video will be recorded at the changed position of the Camera Server.
  • In the following cases, the Storage Server records what the Camera Server currently displays;
    • Multiple number of cameras are connected to VB150 with the [Video Input] set to [Single].
    • VB-C50i/VB-C50iR, VB-C50FSi, VB-C50Fi with an external camera connected and have configured the [Use External Video Input].
  • During initializing the camera head position of VB-C50i/VB-C50iR, VB-C300 or VB-C60, the camera head moves to face front, and then moves back to the current position. Please note that video will be recorded in the meantime continuously.
  • The [On Motion Detection], [Exposure compensation], and additional options are not available, if you use the [Preset Tour] function.
  • If you use the [Camera Control] Panel to do the pan, tilt, or zoom operation, the value in the [Preset] dropdown menu will changed to [Custom].
  • Preset used for the [Preset Tour] are created on the Camera Server. Please see the Camera Server User's Manual for details on making camera presets.
  • Although the VB-C300 does not allow [Preset Tour] on the Camera Server, the [Preset Tour] is available via this setting.
  • If [Preset Tour] is selected, [Exposure Compensation] is not available.
  • If [Exposure] is selected, the [Exposure Compensation] option is set to [Not Specified].
  • With VB-C60, when the optical zoom exceeds the threshold and shifted to digital zoom, [Custom] in the [Preset] pull-down menu is not available. Even if you click [OK] in the [Add Schedule Item] and [Edit Schedule Item] dialog or the [Sensor Event Settings] dialog, an error message will appear and the settings will not be applied.
  • Preset Tour settings cannot be made with the VB-C500VD, VB-C500D, VB-C50FSi, and VB-C50Fi.



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