Reseat ink cartridge(s) MX340 / MX350
Article ID: ART105496 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


If the ink cartridge is not installed properly, an error message will appear on the display. It may be necessary to remove and reinsert the ink cartridge to reseat it.


Reseating a FINE Cartridge

Make sure that each FINE Cartridge is installed in the correct position.

When an error occurs, it may be necessary to reseat the ink cartridge.


Handling FINE Cartridges

  • Do not touch the electrical contacts (A) or print head nozzles (B) on the FINE Cartridge. The machine may not print properly if you touch it.

  • If you remove a FINE Cartridge, replace it immediately. Do not leave the machine with FINE Cartridges removed.
  • Use new FINE Cartridges for replacement. Installing used FINE Cartridges may cause the nozzles to clog. Furthermore, with such cartridges, the machine will not be able to inform you when to replace the cartridges properly.
  • Once a FINE Cartridge has been installed, do not remove it from the machine and leave it out in the open. This will cause the FINE Cartridge to dry out, and the machine may not operate properly when it is reinstalled. To maintain optimal printing quality, use a FINE Cartridge within six months of first use.

  • If a FINE Cartridge runs out of ink, you can print with either Color or Black FINE Cartridge, in whichever ink remains, only for a while. However the print quality may be reduced compared to when printing with cartridges. We recommend to use new FINE Cartridges in order to obtain optimum qualities. Even when printing with one ink only, print with leaving the empty FINE Cartridge installed. If either of the Color FINE Cartridge or Black FINE Cartridge is not installed, an error occurs and the machine cannot print.
  • Color ink may be consumed even when printing a black-and-white document or when black-and-white printing is specified. color ink and black ink are also consumed in the standard cleaning and deep cleaning of the Print Head, which may be necessary to maintain the machine's performance. When ink runs out, replace the FINE Cartridge immediately with a new one.

1. Make sure that the power is turned on, and open the Paper Output Tray gently.

2. Lift the Scanning Unit (Cover), then hold it open with the Scanning Unit Support (C).

The FINE Cartridge Holder moves to the replacement position.


Do not hold the FINE Cartridge Holder to stop or move it forcibly. Do not touch the FINE Cartridge Holder until it stops completely.

  • The inside of the machine may be stained with ink. Be careful not to stain your hands or clothing when replacing FINE Cartridges. You can easily wipe off the ink from the inside of the machine with tissue paper or the like. For details on the cleaning, refer to the printed manual: Getting Started.
  • Do not place any object on the Document Cover. It will fall into the Rear Tray when the Document Cover is opened and cause the machine to malfunction.
  • If the Document Cover is open, you cannot open the Scanning Unit (Cover). Be sure to lift the Scanning Unit (Cover) with the Document Cover closed.
  • When opening or closing the Scanning Unit (Cover), do not touch the buttons and LCD on the Operation Panel. Doing so may result in an unexpected operation.
  • Do not touch the metallic parts or other parts inside the machine.
  • If the Scanning Unit (Cover) is left open for more than 10 minutes, the FINE Cartridge Holder moves to the right. In this case, close and reopen the Scanning Unit (Cover).

3. Remove the empty FINE Cartridge.

(1) Pinch the tabs and open the Ink Cartridge Locking Cover.

(2) Remove the FINE Cartridge.

  • Handle FINE Cartridges carefully to avoid staining of clothing or the surrounding area.
  • Discard empty FINE Cartridges according to the local laws and regulations regarding disposal of consumables.

4. Install the FINE Cartridge.

(1) Insert the FINE Cartridge in the FINE Cartridge Holder.

The Color FINE Cartridge should be installed into the left slot and the Black FINE Cartridge should be installed into the right slot.

(2) Close the Ink Cartridge Locking Cover to lock the FINE Cartridge into place.

Push down the Ink Cartridge Locking Cover until it clicks.

(3) Confirm that the Ink Cartridge Locking Cover is closed correctly.


If the Ink Cartridge Locking Cover is not closed correctly, push down the Ink Cartridge Locking Cover until it clicks.

(E) Closed correctly

(F) Not closed correctly (the cover is tilted)


The machine cannot print unless the Color and Black FINE Cartridges are installed. Be sure to install the FINE Cartridges.

5. Lift the Scanning Unit (Cover) slightly to set the Scanning Unit Support back to its original position, and gently close the Scanning Unit (Cover).


When setting the Scanning Unit Support back to its original position, be sure to hold the Scanning Unit (Cover) firmly, and be careful not to get your fingers caught.


When opening or closing the Scanning Unit (Cover), do not touch the buttons and LCD on the Operation Panel. Doing so may result in an unexpected operation.

  • When you start printing after replacing the FINE Cartridge, the machine starts cleaning the Print Head automatically. Do not perform any other operations until the machine completes the cleaning of the Print Head. While cleaning is in progress, the POWER lamp is flashing green.
  • If printed ruled lines are misaligned or the print head position is misaligned, adjust the print head position.