How to imprint the date and time on your ELPH LT photos.

Article ID: ART105504 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 09/16/2015


How to imprint the date and time on your photos.


Date and Time Imprinting

The date and time that a photo is taken can be imprinted on the back or the front and back of the print.

Press the DATE button.

The mode changes every time you press the button.

LCD Panel Date Display

*The date and time format for the date display (e.g. 20 14:25) is printed using the format selected in Date mode.


  • Character size, shape, color, position, and ability ! to print on sides may vary according to the individual photo shop.
  • Date, time 'and title are not photographically imprinted on the film, but are imprinted as part of the developing process, using data (IX information) magnetically recorded on the film.
  • In addition to dateltime imprinting, the back of the print provides space to imprint the ID of the film cartridge and the frame number

Changing the Date Format

In Date mode, press the Set button to select the date format.
  • Use the push-button projection on the strap clasp.
  • The date format changes in the following order:







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