Secure Digital (SD, SDHC, SDXC) and MultiMedia card / MMCPlus Memory Card compatiblity information.

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Selecting the best memory card ( SD / SDHC / SDXC / MMC / MMCPlus / HC MMCPlus) for your camera.


SD / MMC Card Compatibility Information.

Canon camera and camcorder models have been designed to be fully compatible with memory cards that adhere to their respective card standards. Below is a chart reflecting the standards supported by our current models. To ensure card compatibility with your camera or camcorder model, please contact the memory card manufacturer for further information and assistance in determining card compatibility.

Some memory cards rate their speeds by a "class." Canon cameras, while any of the following memory cards will work with the camera, are recommended to be used by cards with a class 4 or higher rating when video is recorded because of the large amount of data being written to the card. As long as the card adheres to the following card standards, the memory card should be compatible regardless of the class or speed rating.


Secure Digital standard card supports capacities up to 2 GB.


Secure Digital High Capacity currently supports capacities up to 32 GB.


Secure Digital eXtended capacity supports capacities up to 2TB.


MultiMedia Card supports capacities up to 1 GB.


MultiMediaCardPlus supports up to 4GB currently.


High Capacity MultiMediaCardPlus supports up to 8 GB capacities currently.

For further information on the specific memory card standards and specifications please use the following links:

SD/SDHC card standards information

MMC card standards information

Overcoming Compatibility Issues

There have been sporadic reports of certain brands of memory cards having compatibility issues with our camera and camcorder models. Unfortunately we are not able to confirm any specific manufactures of cards claiming to have such compatibility issues. Please also be aware when purchasing a memory card there have been cases where counterfeit cards have been sold. (Please check with your card manufacturer for any information regarding counterfeit memory cards.) If you have a card that is not working with the camera or camcorder, and appears to fall under the standards shown above please try the following steps.

  1. Check to make sure the issue is not with the camera itself by testing the memory card that came with the camera to make sure it is still functioning normally. If it also is causing a Memory Card Error or malfunction it is possible that the camera requires service.
  2. Try to format the problem card with the camera to see if this corrects the issue.
  3. Try to format the card in a card reader using a computer with a Windows operating system installed.
  4. If these steps do not solve the issue you may wish to contact the card manufacturer for any input they may have regarding card compatibility and your model of camera / camcorder.

It is always recommended that you use a memory card produced by a major manufacturer of memory cards that closely adheres with the current industry standards of the specific card type you are using.



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