Driver and software compatibility (Windows 7) S Series Printers

Article ID: ART105616 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


This bulletin reports the support information for Windows 7 regarding Inkjet Printers.

The Inkjet Printers with Windows 7 compatible drivers are shown below.

The products which are not listed below will not support Windows 7 in the future.

Inkjet Printers to supporting Windows 7

Note: Internet access is required to update the printer driver for these models.

  • S Series

S300, S400, S450, S500, S600, S630, S800

When connecting these printers to a Windows 7 computer connected to the Internet, the Inbox printer driver from Windows Update will be installed.

Important: The operation of this driver in Windows 7 cannot be guaranteed.

If you are using a parallel port printer that cannot perform the installation using Plug and Play, execute 'Add a printer' in Devices and Printers, click the 'Windows Update' button (B ) in the Add Printer window, and the driver will install as long as you are connected to the Internet.



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