How toEnter [Recorded Video Settings] in the VK-64 / VK-16 Software ver. 2.2

Article ID: ART105748 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Enter [Recorded Video Settings]

1. [Maximum retained history] - Check the [Maximum retained history] option and enter a value from 1 to 99 and then select [Days] or [Weeks] from the pull-down menu.


[Maximum file size / duration] - Check the [Maximum file size / duration] option, enter a value, and select [MB] or [Hours]. You can enter 32 - 1024 for [MB] and 1 - 24 for [Hours]. If you do not enter a value, 1024 MB or 24 hours is used for the Maximum file size/duration value.

3. [Low disk space warning level] - Enter a percent value.

When the remaining space falls below the specified value, the event will be displayed and a notification will be e-mailed


[Reduce recording frame rate when disk is under high load] - When disk is highly loaded, recording frame rate is temporarily reduced to prevent the recording from stopped. This function is available for JPEG video recording. It cannot be used for MPEG-4 video recording (VB-C500VD, VB-C500D, VB-C60).


If [Reduce recording frame rate when disk is under high load] is selected, you will receive an event notification such as "Effective Recording rate (<recording rate before change> <recording rate after change> %)" when the recording frame rate drops.

Ex. Effective Recording rate (100.0 to 90.0 %)


When the free disk space has fallen below the value specified in the [Low disk space warning level] field, an event occurs and an event notification mail is sent. Also, if the used disk space exceeds the value specified in the [Maximum disk space used] field, recorded video will not be saved until the required free disk space is secured.



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