How to Set [Events] Tab in the VK-64 / VK-16 Software ver. 2.2 (VK-64/16)

Article ID: ART105754 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Set [Events] Tab

[Events] tab in the [Storage Server Configuration] dialog allows you to specify event priorities.

If you have configured the event notification e-mail settings, e-mails are sent based on the priorities set in the [Events] tab.

How to Display the [Events] Tab

Double-click the [Storage Server Configuration] desktop icon.

The [Storage Server Configuration] dialog appears and the [Settings] tab is displayed.

Click the [Events] tab to open it.

How to Set the Events Tab

Set the Priority for the Event

Select the priority for the event from drop-down menu for each setting item.

Values shown in bold are the initial setting priority.


  • Events associated with [Recording], [User log in], and [Failed to map a network drive] do not appear in a Viewer's Timeline, [Live Events Log], or [Event Search] Dialog
  • To detect such a event, set the e-mail notification using the [Event Notification] tab



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