Connect the phone line cord to the correct port on the MX870

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The telephone line cord must be connected correctly for the device to function properly.


Connect the telephone line cord to the appropriate port on the device.

The telephone line cord must be connected correctly for the device to function properly.

  1. Connect the machine with a telephone line using the supplied telephone line cable (A).

  2. Remove the Cap (B) (1), then connect a telephone with the telephone line cable (2).

Othe Telephone Device Configurations

Connecting a computer -

  1. Connect one end of the supplied phone cord to the modular jack on the wall and the other end to the [L] jack on the fax machine.

  2. Connect another phone cord from the extension phone port on the fax machine to the computer's Line jack.

  3. If you're connecting a separate telephone, connect it to the extension jack on the computer.

    (A) Computer

    (B) Telephone or Answering Machine

    Note: See your computer's documentation for details on the locations of the phone jacks.

Connecting to an ISDN line -

For details on ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) connection and settings, refer to the manuals supplied with your terminal adapter or dial-up router.

Connecting to an xDSL line -

(A) Telephone or answering machine


Digital Subscriber Line


xDSL modem (splitter may be built-in to the modem)

Note : When connecting to the xDSL line, select the same line type as you are subscribing in Telephone line type. Before connecting a telephone or answering machine, remove the Telephone connector cap.

Important : Do not branch the telephone line before the splitter (wall side). And also, do not connect splitters in parallel. The machine may not be able to operate properly.



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