How to Delete a Camera Server in the VK-64 / VK-16 Software ver. 2.2

Article ID: ART105800 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Delete Camera Server

The right-hand portion of the [Camera Summary] window features [Remove Camera Server] for removing the Camera Server(s) from your system, regardless of which tab you have selected ([Storage Servers] or [Locations / Zones]).

Delete a Camera Server

1. In the [Camera Server] list, click a Camera Server to highlight it.

2. Click [Remove Camera Server] (you can also press the [Delete] key on your keyboard

3. A confirmation dialog will appear. Click [Yes].

Click [No] to cancel deletion

Reflect Deletion

To reflect Camera Server deletion, click [Save Changes] at the bottom right-hand corner of the [Camera Summary] window

Click [Discard Changes] to cancel any modifications you have made.



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