How to change the Auto Power-off settings on the EOS Digital Rebel T2i .
Article ID: ART105990 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 02/05/2016


To save battery power, the camera turns off automatically after the set time of idle operation elapses. You can set this auto power-off time.

When the camera has turned off due to auto power off, you can wake up the camera by pressing the shutter button halfway or any of the following buttons: <MENU> <DISP> <> etc.

If [Off] has been set, either turn off the camera yourself or press the <DISP> button to turn off the shooting settings display to save battery power.

If [Off] has been set and the camera is not used for 30 min., the LCD monitor will turn off automatically. To turn on the LCD monitor again, press the <DISP> button.

Under the [] tab, select [Auto power off], then press <>. Select the desired power-off time, then press <>.