How to enable AF in live view mode on the EOS Digital Rebel T2i

Article ID: ART106012 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 02/05/2016


Live Mode:

The image sensor is used to focus. Although AF is possible with the Live View image displayed, the AF operation will take longer than with the Quick mode. Also, achieving focus may be more difficult than with the Quick mode.

1 Display the Live View image.
  • Press the <> button.
  • The Live View image will appear on the LCD monitor.
  • The AF point <> will appear.

2 Move the AF point.

  • Press the <> key to move the AF point to where you want to focus (it cannot go to the edges of the picture).
  • To return the AF point to the center, press the <> button.
3 Focus the subject.
  • Aim the AF point over the subject and press the shutter button halfway.
  • When focus is achieved, the AF point will turn green and the beeper will sound.
  • If focus is not achieved, the AF point will turn orange.
4 Take the picture.
  • Check the focus and exposure, then press the shutter button completely to take the picture



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