Compatible operating systems for the VK-64 / VK-16 Software ver. 2.2

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* VK-Lite also supports Windows Vista Home Premium.

* Only 32-bit Edition of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 are supported.

* 32-bit Edition/64-bit Edition of Windows Vista are supported.

* 32-bit Edition/64-bit Edition of Windows Server 2008 are supported.

Storage Server

* The requirements for Storage Server will vary due to the operating environment (number of Camera Servers, setting of recording frame rate etc.). It is also dependent on pre-event recording settings. Please contact dealers that handle Canon products for further information.

* VK-Lite also supports Windows Vista Home Premium.

* Only 32-bit Edition of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 are supported.

* 32-bit Edition/64-bit Edition of Windows Vista is supported.

* 32-bit Edition/64-bit Edition of Windows Server 2008 are supported.

Notes on Use with Windows XP

If your Storage Server is installed to the PC on Windows XP SP2 or SP3 and your viewer is installed to another PC, it is necessary to change your [Windows firewall] settings for Windows XP SP2 or SP3.

* The following setting is not required if you install the Storage Server and Viewer on the same PC.

After installation of the Storage Server:

1. Click [Control Panel] from the Windows [Start] menu to launch the [Control Panel].

2. In [Control Panel], select [Windows Firewall]. If [Windows Firewall] is not shown, select [Security Center] and then select [Windows Firewall].

3. When the [Windows Firewall] dialog is shown, select the [Exception] tab and then click [Add Port].

4. In the [Add a Port] dialog, enter a name for the Storage Server, e.g., "VK-64/VK-16 Storage Server". And then enter the Port number as "80". Make sure the TCP protocol is selected and click [OK].

5. In the [Windows Firewall] dialog, your additional Storage Server is now listed. Make sure the check box is marked. Click [OK] to close the dialog.

Setting is now complete.

Notes on Use with Windows XP/Vista

In cases where you cannot access more than 10 camera servers due to power or network failures, the movie server's operations or viewer's configuration changes may take time or images may not be viewable including those on camera servers you can connect to.

Also, if the auto-switch interval is set to 20 seconds or less, images may not be displayed in the viewer.

Windows Server 2003/Windows Server 2008

The default setting of security level of Windows Server 2003/Windows Server 2008 for the Internet or intranet sites in Internet Explorer is [High].

Therefore, a content block dialog box is displayed when you access pages such as the camera server's top page or setting page, and commands cannot be carried out. To ensure normal operation, carry out the procedure below to register the site as a trusted site.

1. When you access the Camera Server top page using Internet Explorer, the dialog box shown at below appears.

2. Click [Add], and then the [Trusted sites] dialog box appears.

If [Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone] is selected, clear the selection.

3. Check that the IP address of your camera server displayed in the [Add this Web site to the zone] box is correct, and then click [Add] to register the camera as a trusted site.

For more information on registration to the trusted sites, click [Learn more about Internet Explorer's Enhanced Security Configuration] in the dialog box shown in step 1 and see the summary provided.

If you have enabled the [Windows Firewall] settings, please see the "Notes on Use with Windows XP" follow the instructions.

Additionally, even when a content block dialog box is not displayed, JavaScript may be disabled under standard security settings, limiting the available operations in the camera's settings page or the VB-C500/ VB-C60 Viewer. JavaScript will be enabled automatically once trusted site registration is complete, so please carry out registration.

If the content block dialog box is not displayed, you can use the procedure below to display the dialog box for adding a trusted site.

1. On the [Tools] menu in Internet Explorer, click [Internet Options] to display the [Internet Options] dialog box.

2. Next, click the [Security] tab.

3. Select [Trusted sites], and click the [Sites] button.

Settings for registering Trusted sites are now complete.

Windows Server 2008

Enable Sound to Use Audio Functions

The sound function is disabled by default in Windows Server 2008.

To receive audio signals using the VB-C500/VB-C60 Viewer, follow the procedure below to enable sound function.

1. In the [Control Panel], click [Hardware and Sound].


If the [Control Panel] is set to [Classic View], double click [Sound].

2. Next, click [Sound].

3. The [Audio Service Not Running] dialog box is displayed. Click [Yes].

4. Finally, the [Sound] dialog box is displayed. In the [Playback] tab, confirm that an audio device is installed. (If no audio device is installed, check the user manual for your computer.)

Windows Vista/Windows Server 2008

When using VK-64/VK-16 on Windows Vista Business/Enterprise/Ultimate/Windows Server 2008, pay attention to the following restrictions.

Upgrade your PC

Please note that before upgrading your PC to Windows Vista/Windows Server 2008, you need to upgrade this software to v2.2, if the version is older than v2.2.

If you upgrade your PC to Windows Vista/Windows Server 2008 before upgrading the software to v2.2, you will not able to complete upgrade installation to v2.2. In this case, follow the procedure below.

1. Right click on the [Storage Server Configuration] icon on the desktop, then choose [Properties].

2. Click the [Compatibility] tab and check the [Run this program as an administrator] check box.

3. Double click the [Storage Server Configuration] icon to launch the Storage Server Configuration tool.

4. Click the [Stop Storage Server] button in the [Storage server status].

5. Click the [Retry] button on the installer wizard for VK version 2.2.

Warning dialog appeared when opening the Storage Server Configuration dialog

If User Account Control is enabled on Windows Vista/Windows Server 2008, the [User Account Control] dialog will appear when you launch the Storage Server Configuration tool.

Click the [Continue] button to launch the Storage Server Configuration tool.

Notes for when the Windows Firewall Function is Enabled

When the Windows Firewall function is enabled, carry out the same settings as in the Windows XP section of the Notes on Operating Environment.

Storage location of recorded video

On Windows Vista/Windows Server 2008, snap shots and video files cannot be saved into the Windows folder or the Program Files folder on the system drive.

Shadow backup

You cannot use shadow backup of Windows Vista/Windows Server 2008. So, if once you delete a configuration file of VK-64/VK-16, you cannot restore the file with shadow backup.



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