Using standard zoom and Digital Zoom PowerShot SX20 IS.

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Using standard zoom and Digital Zoom PowerShot SX20 IS.


Using the Digital Zoom

When the LCD monitor is on, images can be zoomed to approximately 80x for stills with the combined optical and digital zoom functions.

Digital Zoom and approximate 35mm equivalent focal lengths.

Digital Zoom Option

Focal Length


Set to On

28 - 2240 mm

You can shoot at a maximum zoom factor of approximately 80x using a combination of the optical and digital zoom feature.

Set to Off

28 -560 mm

Shoots without Digital Zoom using only optical zoom.


42 - 840 mm

The digital zoom locks at the selected factor and the focal length shifts to the telephoto setting. Compared with the [Standard] and [Off] options at a similar angle of view, this option uses a higher shutter speed to reduce the potential for camera shake.


56 - 1120 mm

  • The digital zoom cannot be used when the LCD monitor is turned off.
  • The digital zoom cannot be used when the aspect ratio is set to 16:9 (Widescreen) mode.
  1. Set the camera to (Rec.) mode and press the <MENU> button to display the record menu.
  2. Use the or buttons to select [Digital Zoom].

  3. Use the or button to select [Standard], [Off], [1.5x]* or [2.0x]* and press the <MENU> button. The display will return to the Shooting screen.

  4. Press the zoom lever toward and shoot.

    * The [1.4x] or [2.3x] options selectable with the digital zoom feature represents the digital tele-converter, This function reproduces the effect of a tele-converter lens when the digital zoom is used.

With this selection the display will appear as follows:

  • will display on the LCD monitor.
  • The images may appear coarse depending on the selected resolution and compression. The icon and the zoom factor displays will appear in blue when the digital tele-converter function is used.
    • The combined optical and digital zoom factor appears on the LCD monitor.
    • Based on the number of recording pixels set, the Safety Zoom feature calculates the maximum zoom factor beyond which image quality will begin to deteriorate. The digital zoom pauses at this zoom factor for a moment, and appears on the LCD monitor
    • When you press the zoom lever toward , the zoom stops when the lens reaches the maximum optical telephoto setting.
    • If you press the button again, you can zoom in even closer. In this case, the displayed zoom factor changes from white to blue.
    • Press the zoom lever toward to zoom out this reduces the zoom factor.
      Images become coarser the more they are digitally zoomed.



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