Replacing the Toner Cartridge (D550/MF4450/MF4570)
Article ID: ART106575 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Replacing the Toner Cartridge


Replacing the Toner Cartridge

1. Hold the operation panel.

2. Lift the scanning platform.


If you cannot lift the scanning platform

  • Ensure that the feeder is completely closed.
  • Do not try to forcefully lift the scanning platform, as this may damage the machine.

* If you set thick documents such as a book, the feeder may not be completely closed. Remove the documents.

3. Hold the grip on the left front side of the toner cover.

4. Open the toner cover.

5. Remove the toner cartridge.

6. Take out the new toner cartridge from the protective bag.

You can open the protective bag with your hands from the notch.

7. Gently shake the toner cartridge five or six times to evenly distribute the toner.

8. Place the toner cartridge on a flat surface, lift the tab, and gently pull the sealing tape completely out.

The full length of the sealing tape is approximately 20" (50 cm).

9. Insert the toner cartridge.

Fit the protrusions (A) on each side of the toner cartridge into the guides located on each side of the machine, and then slide the toner cartridge into the machine until the toner cartridge meets the back of the machine.

10. Close the toner cover.


If you cannot close the toner cover

  • Ensure that the toner cartridge is properly set in the machine.
  • Do not try to forcefully close the toner cover, as this may damage the machine.

11. Lower the scanning platform.

Precautions When Replacing the Toner Cartridges

Do not dispose of a used toner cartridge in open flames.

  • This may cause the toner remaining inside the cartridge to ignite, resulting in burns or fire.

Precautions if you get toner on your hands or clothing

  • If toner gets on your hands or clothing, wash them immediately with cold water. Washing with warm water sets the toner, making it impossible to remove the toner stains.

Be careful not to allow the toner to scatter.

  • Do not pull out the sealing tape forcefully or stop at midpoint, as this may cause toner to spill out. If toner gets into your eyes or mouth, wash them immediately with cold water and consult a physician.

Precautions when lowering the scanning platform

  • Be careful not to catch your fingers.


About replacement toner cartridges

  • For optimum print quality, replacement is recommended using genuine Canon toner cartridges.

Be Careful of Counterfeit Toner Cartridges

  • Please be aware that there are counterfeit Canon toner cartridges in the marketplace. Use of counterfeit toner cartridges may result in poor print quality or machine performance. Canon is not responsible for any malfunction, accident or damage caused by the use of counterfeit toner cartridges. For more information, see the following website.

Shake the toner cartridge before setting.

  • If toner is not distributed evenly, this may result in deterioration in print quality.

Hold the toner cartridges properly.

  • When handling the toner cartridge, hold them properly as shown in the figure. Do not place them vertically or upside-down.

Do not touch the toner cartridge memory (A) or the electrical contacts (B).

  • This may result in damage to the cartridge. Do not touch or open the drum protective shutter (A).

Do not open the drum protective shutter (A).

  • Print quality may deteriorate if you touch or damage the drum inside of the drum protective shutter (A). Do not touch or open the drum protective shutter (A).

When pulling out the sealing tape

  • Do not pull the sealing tape diagonally or sideways. If the tape breaks, this may become difficult to pull out completely.

  • Even if the sealing tape stops at midpoint, pull it out of the toner cartridge completely.

  • If any tape remains in the toner cartridge, this may result in poor print quality.

Disposing of the removed sealing tape

  • Dispose of the packing materials according to local regulations.

Keep the protective bag.

  • Keep the protective bag for the toner cartridge. You will need them when you remove the toner cartridge for machine maintenance or other purposes.

Do not touch the high-voltage contacts (A).

  • This may result in damage to the machine.

Do not leave the toner cover open for a long time with the toner cartridge installed.

  • This may result in a deterioration in print quality.


About the packing materials

  • The packing materials may be changed in form or placement, or may be added or removed without notice.

Checking the toner level

  • You can check the level of remain toner on the operation panel.