Customizing the display information for the PowerShot SX20 IS.

Article ID: ART106593 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Customizing Display Information.

You can set custom 2 display modes to select whether or not to display the following information on the LCD monitor and viewfinder, and switch between displays by pressing the <DISP.> button.


You can select whether or not to display select information on the LCD monitor and viewfinder. The display modes can be switched in sequence by pressing the <DISP.> button.

Shooting Info

Displays shooting information.

Grid Lines

Displays grid lines dividing the monitor into 9 areas, allowing you to check the subject's horizontal and vertical alignment.

3:2 Guide

You can check what can be printed in a composition using a 3:2 aspect ratio*. The portion that will not print displays in gray. (Images are still recorded in the full 4:3 aspect ratio).


Displays a histogram in P, Tv, Av, and M modes only.

In the (Stitch Assist) mode only [Shooting Info] can be displayed.

In the (Movie Mode) [3:2 Guide] cannot be displayed.

1. In the (Rec.) menu choose [Custom Display] and press the <SET> button.

2. [LCD/Viewfinder] - / / /

  • Sets the LCD monitor or viewfinder display mode after the DISP. button is pressed.
  • If you do not wish to change the display mode when the <DISP.> button is pressed, use the , , or button and press the <SET> button to display ( / / / ).
  • You cannot add to the current active LCD/Viewfinder icon.

3. [Shooting Info] / [Grid Lines] / [3:2 Guide] / [Histogram].

  • Using the , , or buttons, select the items you wish to display on the LCD monitor and press the <SET> button to place a check mark in the associated box.
  • Even though items that are grayed out can be set, they will not display in the current active shooting mode.
  • Display locations without a check mark will not have any information displayed.
  • If you press the shutter button halfway and return to the shooting screen from the custom display settings screen, the adjusted settings will not be saved.



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