Explanation of the data saved on the SD memory card with the XF100/105

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Explanation of the data saved on the SD memory card with the XF100/105


Photo data as well as settings data, such as custom pictures and setting items in the menu, are saved on the SD/SDHC memory card (hereinafter called SD card).

In addition, it is possible to save user memo files created with the supplied software (Canon XF Utility) on the SD card so that you can transfer the file to the camcorder to use the data.

An outline of the types of data that are saved on the card is as follows.


It is possible to record photo data on the SD card while recording a clip or temporarily suspending video recording in <CAMERA> mode.

In addition, you can save photo data that is captured from a clip while suspending playback in <MEDIA> mode.

Camera Settings

The settings data that can be saved on the SD card is as follows.

  • Custom Picture
You can save settings for adjusting image quality, for example, to accommodate shooting conditions, to intentionally create certain effects, etc.
  • Setting items in the menu
You can save all setting items in the menus, including custom settings (custom functions, custom display).

For details about how to save settings data, see the instruction manual of the camcorder.

  • The SD card includes a text file that lists the camera settings. You can check the settings by using a USB card reader to access the SD card on a computer. In the [CAMSET] folder, open the file "CAMSET2.TXT".
  • When loading camera settings from an SD card, even protected custom picture settings in the camcorder will be replaced.
  • The camera settings can be used with other XF105 and XF100 camcorders. However, camera settings from Canon XF305 and XF300 camcorders cannot be used with this camcorder.

  • User Memo

It is possible to add information such as the videographer's name, the shooting location, and other shooing information to a recorded clip as a user memo. Select a user memo file saved on the SD card before starting video recording to add the information to the clip. To save a user memo on the SD card, use the supplied software (Canon XF Utility). For details, see the instruction manual for Canon XF Utility.

  • Data Saved on the SD Card and the Folder Structure

Data on the SD card is saved in the following folders.



IMG_yyyy.JPG [Photo (Exif2.2) file]

IMG_yyyy.CPF [CP (Custom Picture) file]

IMG_yyyy.TXT [CP settings document file]

*xxx: Folder number, yyyy: File number


CPICTxx.CPF [CP settings data file]

*xx: from 01 to 20


CAMSET.CMF [Menu settings data file]

CAMSET.TXT [Menu settings document file]


xxxx.XML [User memo file]

* xxxx: File name



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