Attaching external microphones to the XF100/105 camcorders
Article ID: ART106882 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Attaching external microphones to the XF100/105 camcorders


This section provides explanations about attaching an external microphone to the camcorder.

You can record audio using the built-in microphone, optional external microphone (XLR or MIC terminal) or line input (XLR terminal). You can select the audio input independently for channel 1 and channel 2.

Attaching the Microphone Holder Unit

When using a microphone, attach the supplied microphone holder unit to the camcorder as necessary.

Attaching an external microphone

  1. Loosen the microphone lock screw (), open the microphone holder unit and insert the microphone().

  2. Tighten the lock screw () and put the microphone cable through the microphone cable clamp under the microphone holder unit ().

  3. Plug the microphone cable into the desired XLR terminal or MIC Terminal.
    - Connnecting a microphone via the MIC terminal will disable the onboard microphone.