Features of the CR190i
Article ID: ART106994 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 11/12/2015


Features of the CR190i


The Canon Check Reader CR-190i is a scanner with magnetic heads that can read checks and other documents that are printed with MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition). The CR-190i is compact and can handle large volumes of checks at a speed of 190 cpm.

High-Speed Scanning
The CR-190i performs high-speed scans of check-size documents at 190 cpm (200 dpi resolution).

Supports Large Documents
Documents up to 4.3" x 9.6" (108 mm x 245 mm) can be scanned.

High Durability
The scanner has a high durability of 24 million scans.

Compact Size
8.4" (H) x 18.7" (W) x 10.7" (D) (214 mmm (H) x 476 mm (W) x 272 mm (D))

Supports Black-and White (Binary) and Grayscale Output

Reads MICR Characters
A magnetic head is used to scan MICR characters that have been printed with magnetic ink or toner.

Supports OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
Character images, such as E13B, OCR-A, OCR-B, and check writer are recognized as characters by the OCR function.

Easy to Maintain
Large Maintenance Covers make handling paper jams and cleaning easy.

Jogger Mechanism is Standard
A jogger mechanism, which uses vibration to align documents, comes standard equipped with the CR-190i.

Separation OFF mode
You can scan the following documents:
Thick documents
Documents that contain two or more pages together as one document
Documents that have a rough surface
Duplicate forms that have sticky edges

Paper Thickness Adjustment Mechanism
Adjust the Separation Roller gap to the thickness of the paper being fed.

Three Eject Pockets and Automatic Sorting Mechanism
The scanner has three Eject Pockets and the documents are automatically ejected to each pocket according to sort methods. The scanner fits various scan operations using this mechanism.

Ultrasonic Double feed Detection and Double Feed Detect OFF Button (Scanning Utility for CR-190i)
The scanner detects double-fed documents using ultrasonic, and can turn OFF the function with the Function Button.

Drop-Out Color
This function enables drop-out scanning of a specific color in the document.

Imprinter is Standard Equipment
An imprinter mechanism, which prints text (4 lines) or a bitmap on documents as they are scanned, comes standard equipped with the scanner. The imprinter's ink cartridge is not included, and must be purchased separately.

Eject Pocket Full Detection (Scanning Utility for CR-190i)
Detects when any one of the three Eject Pockets is full and stops scanning.

Placing Additional Documents
You can place additional documents while the machine is scanning.

Replaceable rollers and ink disposal tank
You can replace the rollers (Pickup Roller, Feed Roller, and Separation Roller) and the ink disposal tank.