Installing and Uninstalling the Canon XF Utility (Macintosh)

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Installing and Uninstalling the Canon XF Utility (Macintosh)


You need to first install Canon XF Utility before using it. This section explains how to use a Mac OS computer to install and uninstall Canon XF Utility. When installing Canon XF Utility, Canon XF MPEG2 Decoder is also installed. Please note that Canon XF Utility and Canon XF MPEG2 Decoder are to be uninstalled individually.

Installing Canon XF Utility

  1. Insert the Canon XF Utilities CD-ROM into the computer.
  2. The [CanonXF**M] icon appears on the desktop. Double-click [CanonXF**M] icon.

  3. Double-click [XFInstaller].

  4. Select your region.

  5. Click [Install].

  6. Select the installation method and then click [Next].

  7. Read the license agreement and click [Agree].
    - If you do not select [Agree], you cannot install the software.

  8. If you selected the [Custom Installation]* installation method in step 6, check whether Canon XF Utility is selected, cancel the selection of unnecessary applications, and then click [Next].
    *If you selected the [Easy Installation] installation method, skip to step 9.

  9. Click [Next] to begin the installation.

  10. Click [Finish] and then remove the CD-ROM from the computer.

Uninstalling the Software

  1. From [Applications], open [Canon Utilities].
  2. Move [Canon XF Utility] to the [Trash].

Uninstalling Canon XF MPEG2 Decoder

Move the following file to [Trash].
/ Library / QuickTime / XFMpeg2Dec.component


If you are using Canon XF Plugin for Final Cut Pro , do not uninstall Canon XF MPEG2 Decoder.



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