Features of the Avid Media Access plug-in for the Canon XF series

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Features of the Avid Media Access plug-in for the Canon XF series


This plugin was created to allow you to easily link the clips you recorded using the camcorder to your Avid non-linear editing system. The plugin uses Avid Media Access (AMA) architecture to link the clips in the camcorder or on a CF card directly into a bin in Avid Media Composer or NewsCutter(*1). Refer also to the instruction manuals of the Avid Media Composer or NewsCutter used.

This plugin is compatible with Media Composer, version 4.0.5 or later(*2) and NewsCutter, version 8.0.5 or later(*2).

*1: Windows only

*2: As of May 2010, clips that were recorded using the 50 Mbps (4:2:2), 1280x720, 24P video configuration are not supported. Also, clips recorded using the 25 Mbps (4:2:0), 1440x1080, 30P video configuration will be treated as 60i clips. To edit a video project as a 30p project, please use clips recorded using the 50 Mbps (4:2:2), 30P or 35 Mbps (4:2:2), 30P video configurations.

  • When using Media Composer 4.x.x or NewsCutter 8.x.x only: Download and install the following plugin offered by Avid: Avid AMA MXF Plug-in. For details, refer to Avid's Web page.
  • Start up the Avid Media Composer / NewsCutter and check the AMA settings. Make sure that the Enable AMA Volume Management option is checked.
  • For details on Avid Media Composer and NewsCutter, please refer to the respective user's manuals.



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