Troubleshooting Paper Abrasion and Blurry Images (Head Height) (iPF815/iPF825)

Article ID: ART107118 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 12/22/2015


To adjust the Printhead height, follow these suggested steps.


If paper rubs against the printer or the edge is wrinkled from rubbing, adjusting the Printhead height may improve results.

If image edges are blurred, it may help to lower the Printhead.


1.Press the Menu button to display MAIN MENU.


2.Press or to select Paper Details, and then press the button.

3.Press or to select the type of paper, and then press the button.

4.Press or to select Head Height, and then press the button.

5.Press or to select the Printhead height, and then press the OK button.



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