How to use the trimming function using the PowerShot SD3500 IS.
Article ID: ART107537 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015



You can trim a required portion of a recorded image and save it as new image file.

1. Press the <MENU> button in playback and select [Trimming].

2. Select and image using the or .

3. Adjust the trimming area:

  • A green frame will appear around the portion of the image to be trimmed.
  • The original image will display in the upper left, and the image after trimming will display in the lower right.
  • If you move the zoom lever to the left or right, you can change the size of the frame.

4. Save as a new image and display the image.

  • Images that have been resized using the camera cannot be trimmed.
  • The width and height ratio of an image that can be changed is fixed at a 4:3 aspect ratio (for a vertical image 3:4).
  • The number of recorded pixels of an image that has been trimmed will be smaller than the image before trimming.