Uninstalling applications when using Mac OS X.

Article ID: ART107615 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


This section describes how to uninstall the applications of the [DIGITAL CAMERA Solution Disk] from your computer. The following instructions are intended for [ImageBrowser].

(Uninstallation is an operation to remove a driver / software when it is no longer needed, or if a problem occurs.)

  • The following instructions are intended for Mac OS X (v10.6).
  • The procedures described in this section are for uninstalling [Image Browser]; however when uninstalling applications from the [Canon Utilities] folder, the procedures are almost the same.
  • Please be careful not to accidentally delete any folders with downloaded images that may be contained within the application folder. It is recommended that you save the image folder (create a backup) before uninstallation. Images downloaded to [ImageBrowser] are normally saved in [Go] > [home] > [Pictures] on the [menu bar].

1. Click the icon of the hard disk to which the image folder was installed, and then select [Applications] > [Canon Utilities] > [Image Browser].

2. Move the [Image Browser] folder to [Trash].

3. From the [Finder] menu, select [Empty Trash].

4. If the [Image Browser] icon still remains under [Dock], drag the icon to [Trash] to delete.

This completes the process of uninstalling the application.


If you want to remove all the software applications and PDF manuals that were installed from the [DIGITAL CAMERA Solution Disk], it is necessary to delete the following folders and files that are in the [Canon Utilities] folder in [Applications].

  • [Image Browser]
  • [CameraWindow]
  • [PhotoStitch]
  • [Canon MOV Decoder]
  • [Canon MOV Encoder]
  • [Software_Guide_M_EN.pdf]
  • [Personal_Printing_Guide_EN.pdf]



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