Using ImageBrowser to transfer / download images to a Macintosh OS X computer.

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  • The information provided here uses [Mac OS X (version 10.4)] and [ImageBrowser version 6.5] as examples. Depending on your Mac OS X or software version, the screen indications and operation procedures may differ slightly.
  • In order to perform this operation, it is necessary to install [ImageBrowser] from the CD-ROM (DIGITAL CAMERA Solution Disk) supplied with the product.
  • In this section, [PowerShot A3100 IS] is used as an example to explain the operations. Depending on your model, the position of buttons, screen indications, and setting items may vary.
  • This section provides step-by-step procedures for transferring newly captured images from the camera to a computer.

1. Connect the camera's digital terminal and the Macintosh's USB terminal with the supplied [interface cable].

DIGITAL terminal on the camera

[Interface cable]

Macintosh's USB terminal

2. Press the <Power> button on the camera.

3. The following window appears.

4. The [CameraWindow] menu appears. Click [Import Images from Camera].

Transferred images are saved to the [Pictures] folder by default.

If you want to change the folder to save transferred images, click () on the upper-right side of the window, click [Import] > [Folder Settings], and then click [Browse] to change the setting.

5. The following window appears, so click [Import Untransferred Images].

6. The following window appears, and the computer starts to transfer images from the camera.

7. Click [OK].

8. The following window appears.

Click the () button to close this window.

9. When the images have been downloaded, [ImageBrowser] starts. The transferred images are saved to the folder by shooting date, and the images are displayed in the [Browser Window] in [ImageBrowser].

Images that have been transferred to a Macintosh computer

Folder in which images are saved



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