Toner Cartridges (MF5800 Series)

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Toner Cartridges (MF5800 Series)


Toner Cartridges

The average print yield of the Canon genuine bundled toner cartridge which comes with the machine is 2,100 pages. The Canon genuine replacement toner cartridges are 2,100 pages (Canon Cartridge 119) or 6,400 pages (Canon Cartridge 119 II). The page counts are on the basis of "ISO/IEC 19752"* when printing A4 size paper with the default print density setting. the level of toner consumption varies depending on the type of documents printed. If your average document contains a lot of graphics, tables, or charts, the average print yield of the toner cartridge will be fewer as they consume more toner. When you are replacing a toner cartridge, be sure to use a Canon genuine toner cartridge designed for this product. To purchase the canon genuine replacement toner cartridge, contact your local Canon dealer or Canon Customer Care Center (U.S.A.:1-800-OK-CANON, Canada: 1-800-652-2666)

* "ISO/IEC 19752" is the global standard related to "Method for the determination of toner cartridge yield for monochromatic electrophotographic printers and multi-function devices that may contain printer components" issued by ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

Toner cartridge name: Canon Cartridge 119 Toner cartridge name: Canon Cartridge 119 II

Model Name


Supported Canon Genuine Toner Cartridge

Average Print Yield


Bundled/Replacement Canon Cartridge 119 2,100 pages
Replacement Canon Cartridge 119 II 6,400 pages



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