Deleting scenes with the VIXIA HF S20 series camcorder

Article ID: ART108079 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/15/2015


Deleting scenes with the VIXIA HF S20 series camcorder


Deleting Scenes

You can delete those scenes that you are not interested in keeping. Deleting scenes allows you also to free up space on the memory.

  1. From playback mode. Open the index screen that contains the scenes you want to delete.
  2. Touch the checkmark to open the scene selection screen.
  3. Touch on the individual scenes you want to delete.
    - A checkmark will appear on scenes selected. Touch a selected scene again to remove the checkmark.
    - To select all the scenes at once: Touch [Select All] instead of touching individual scenes. (Remove in advance any checkmarks from scenes you may have selected individually.)
  4. Delete the scenes by touching [Edit], then [Delete], then [Yes], then [OK].
    - Touch [Stop] to interrupt the operation while it is in progress. Some scenes may be deleted nevertheless.


  • Be careful when deleting original recordings. once deleted, original scenes cannot be recovered.
  • Save copies of important scenes before deleting them.
  • Observe the following precautions while the ACCESS indicator is on or flashing (while scenes are being deleted).
    - Do not open the memory card slot cover.
    - Do not disconnect the power source or turn off the camcorder.
    - Do not change the camcorder's operating mode.



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