Image edges are blurred or white banding occurs (iPF815/iPF825)

Article ID: ART108126 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 12/22/2015


If image edges are blurred or white banding occurs, follow these suggested steps.


<Corrective Action1>
Set VacuumStrngth to Weakest.

<Corrective Action2>
Close the blue Switch on the platen so that it matches the paper size.

<Corrective Action3>
Lower the Printhead.

<Corrective Action4>
Load paper of the same type as you have specified in the printer driver.

<Corrective Action5>
Make sure the same type of paper is specified in the printer driver as you have loaded in the printer.
1.Hold down the Stop button for a second or more to cancel printing.
2.Change the type of paper in the printer driver and try printing again.



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