Installing the ink cartridge(s) MP280 / MP495 / MP499

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Once a FINE Cartridge has been installed, do not remove it from the machine and leave it out in the open. This will cause the FINE Cartridge to dry out, and the machine may not operate properly when it is reinstalled.


Install the FINE Cartridges

  1. Lift the Scanning Unit (Cover) (A) and fix it with the Scanning Unit Support (D).
    Close the Document Cover (E) and lift it with the Scanning Unit (Cover).

  2. The FINE Cartridge Holder (F) moves to the installation position.
    If the FINE Cartridge Holder does not move, make sure that the machine is turned on. For details, refer to 6 to 7 in "Preparation".

  3. Follow the next procedure to insert the Black and Color FINE Cartridges into their corresponding slots and .

  4. Open the Ink Cartridge Locking Cover on the right side.

  5. After removing the Black FINE Cartridge from its box, pull the orange protective tape in the direction of the arrow and remove it carefully.

    Important: Handle the FINE Cartridges carefully. Do not drop or apply excessive pressure to them.

    • Be sure to use the supplied FINE Cartridges.
    • Be careful not to stain your hands or surrounding work area with ink on the removed protective tape.
    • Do not touch the metal parts of the FINE Cartridges. The machine may not print properly if you touch them.

  6. Place the Black FINE Cartridge into the right slot .

    Important: Do not knock the FINE Cartridge against the sides of the holder.
    • Install in a well-lit environment.
    • Install the Black FINE Cartridge into the right slot , and the Color FINE Cartridge into the left slot .

  7. Push down of the Ink Cartridge Locking Cover until you hear a click to close it completely.

    View the Ink Cartridge Locking Cover straight on and check that it is locked correctly (not at an angle).

  8. Insert the Color FINE Cartridge into the left FINE Cartridge Holder in the same way as the Black FINE Cartridge.

  9. Lift the Scanning Unit (Cover) slightly (1) and fold the Scanning Unit Support (2), then gently close the Scanning Unit (Cover) (3).

  10. Make sure that the LED (I) changes as shown in the illustration and go to the next step.

    It takes about 90 seconds until 1 appears.


    Once you have installed the FINE Cartridges, do not remove them unnecessarily.
    If the Alarm lamp (J) lights orange, make sure that the FINE Cartridges are correctly installed.

    Note: The LED will turn off if the machine is not operated for about 5 minutes. To restore the display, press any button except the ON button.



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