Using the SM-V1 microphone with compatible camcorders

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Using the SM-V1 microphone with compatible camcorders


This microphone was created for exclusive use with Canon camcorders featuring a mini advanced shoe that are compatible with 5.1ch Surround sound recording. Before using the microphone, please read these instructions carefully. Refer also to your camcorder's instruction manual.

The microphone is equipped with 4 transducer elements, one at each corner. Audio signals from these 4 channels are then processed in the camcorder and recorded as 5.1ch Surround sound. ln order to use the SM-V1, the camcorder's firmware may need to be updated using the supplied memory card.

Once the camcorder's firmware is successfully updated, when you attach the SM-V1 to the camcorder, you will be able to change the microphone's directionality to one of the following settings: [5.1ch Surround], [5.1ch. Zoom] or [5.1ch Shotgun]. Select the audio recording settings according to the shooting location or a desired effect to add a sense of depth and presence to your recordings. You can enjoy 5.1ch Surround sound playback on equipment compatible with 5.1ch Surround sound connected to the camcorder using an HDMI cable.

Updating the camcorder's firmware

The camcorder's firmware must be updated using the supplied memory card. For details about operations on the camcorder, refer to the camcorder's instruction manual.

  1. Turn the camcorder's power off and insert the supplied memory card into the camcorder.
    - lf your camcorder is equipped with double memory card slots, insert the memory card into card slot A.
  2. Turn the camcorder's power on and set the camcorder to photo playback mode.
    - Be sure not to disconnect the camcorder's power supply until the firmware update is completed.
    - Select to play back the photos from the memory card (from memory card A, if your camcorder is equipped with double memory card slots).
  3. Open the setup menus and select the [Firmware] setting.
    - The current version of the camcorder's firmware will be displayed.
  4. Select [OK].
    - The camcorder will restart automatically and the firmware will be updated.
  5. Turn the camcorder's power off and remove the supplied memory card.


  • Make sure that no device is connected to the camcorder's MIC (microphone) terminal.
  • lf you can display the audio level indicator on your camcorder's screen, you can use the audio level indicator as a reference for checking sound levels.
  • lf your camcorder is equipped with a headphones output terminal, you can use headphones to monitor the sound and to check that the microphone is working correctly before you start recording.
  • Turn the camcorder's power off before attaching/removing the microphone.
  • To reduce noise caused by the wind or the operator's breathing, we recommend attaching the wind shield (fig. 1); especially when recording outdoors.

Attaching the microphone

  1. Turn the camcorder's power off.
  2. Open the camcorder's mini advanced shoe cover and slide the microphone straight onto the mini advanced shoe (fig. 1).
    - Slide in the direction of the arrow on the bottom of the microphone until the microphone clicks securely into place.
  3. Tighten by turning the shoe lock clockwise (fig. 2).
    - Make sure that the microphone does not disconnect while turning the shoe lock.
  4. Attach the wind shield from the front and gently pull it back so it completely covers the microphone (fig. 3).
  5. Turn the camcorder's power on.
    - S (mini advanced shoe) and (5.1ch. Surround) will appear on the camcorder's screen when the camcorder is in recording or record pause mode.
    - The camcorder's built-in microphone automatically turns off.
  6. Change the microphone's directionality mode with the [Surround Mic Directionality] setting in the camcorder's setup menus.

Removing the microphone

  1. Turn the camcorder's power off.
  2. Loosen the shoe lock by turning it counter-clockwise.
  3. Slide the microphone out and remove it.
  4. Close the mini advanced shoe cover.


  • The memory card supplied with the SM-V1 can only be used to update the firmware of a compatible Canon camcorder; it cannot be initialized, nor used for recording. lf you attempt to initialize the memory card or record on it, the error message [Memory card is write-protected] will appear, regardless of the position of the memory card's LOCK switch.
  • Do not touch the microphone or wind shield while recording as this will cause noise to be recorded.
  • Using the microphone close to high-voltage equipment or to devices that emit strong electromagnetic fields (high-voltage lines, electrical towers, some cellular phones, etc.) may cause noise to be recorded.
  • If another microphone is connected to the camcorder's MIC (microphone) terminal while the SM-Vl is attached, sound will be picked up by microphones, which will affect the audio recording.
  • When carrying the camcorder with the microphone attached, be sure to support the camera body. Never carry the camera by the microphone.
  • The joint at the bottom of this microphone is designed to absorb shocks in order to prevent the recording of noise caused by vibration. Do not subject the microphone to excessive force as this may cause damage. Be careful not to allow your fingers to get pinched by the gap immediately above the shoe lock.
  • Test the microphone by speaking into it. Do not tap the microphone or blow into it.
  • Do not drop or jolt the microphone. This may damage the microphone or impair its performance. Handle the microphone with care.
  • Do not disassemble or touch the interior parts of the microphone. Consult your dealer or a Canon Service Center if problems occur.
  • Do not use or leave the microphone in hot, humid places such as inside a car in hot weather or in direct sunlight.
  • Ensure that no foreign material such as metal fragments, gets inside the camcorder's mini advanced shoe.
  • Do not store the camcorder with the microphone attached.


  • Clean the microphone by dusting it lightly with a soft, dry cloth. Never use thinner, benzene, alcohol or other volatile cleaners or solvents.
  • The microphone will not work properly if the terminals are dirty. Check them before use, and wipe them with a dry cloth if necessary.
  • Be careful when handling the wind shield as the material comes off easily. lt cannot be washed so if it gets wet, pat it with a dry, soft cloth and let it dry naturally.


Directionality Omnidirectional
Sensitivity -41.0 dB
Frequency range 100 Hz - 8 kHz
Output impedance 170 ohms
Operating temperature 0O C - 40O C (32O F - 104O F)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 46 x 57 x 55 mm (1.8 x 2.2 x 2.2in)
Weight 48 g (1.7 oz)
Supplied with the microphone: Wind shield, Memory card (exclusively for updating the camcorder's firmware)
Weight and dimensions are approximate. Errors and omissions excepted. Subject to change without notice.



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