Download and run the Canon IJ Setup Repair Tool

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Published date:    08/16/2015
Updated:    08/16/2015


Download and Run the Canon IJ Setup Repair Tool

If you receive the error 'Setup quit unexpectedly' while installing the printer or scanner Setup CD-ROM, download and run the Canon IJ Setup Repair Tool before attempting to re-install the software.

  1. If the 'Setup quit unexpectedly' error is still on your computer screen, click the 'Ignore' button.

  2. Using your Web browser, navigate to our Download Library.

  3. Select the 'category', 'type', and 'model' of your printer or scanner, and then click the Go button.

  4. Choose 'Mac OS X' from the Select OS drop-down menu.

    Note: Instead of using the CD-ROM for installation all the necessary files needed for installation can be downloaded from our Web site, by using this method you will not encounter the above error. If you are not sure which files to download continue with step 5 below.

  5. Scroll down to the Software section and select the 'Canon IJ Setup Repair Tool'.

  6. After reading the license agreement, click the 'I Agree - Begin Download' button at the bottom of the page.

  7. Once the download has completed, double-click the downloaded file (Canon IJ Setup Repair Tool.dmg) to decompress it.

    Note: Your browser may decompress the file automatically. If so, skip to the next step.

  8. When the following icon is displayed, double-click 'Canon IJ Setup Repair Tool.'

  9. When the following window is displayed, click OK.

  10. When the following window is displayed, click EXIT to close the window.

  11. Re-insert the Setup CD-ROM and try performing the installation again.



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