How to set AF microadjustments on the EOS 5D Mark II.

Article ID: ART108519 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 11/04/2015


How to set AF microadjustments on the EOS 5D Mark II.



Normally, this adjustment is not required. Do this adjustment only if necessary. Note that doing this adjustment may prevent correct focusing from being achieved. AF adjustment cannot be done during Live View shooting in Live modes.

You can make fine adjustments to the AF's point of focus. It can be adjusted in +/- 20 steps ( -: Forward / +: Backward). The adjustment amount of one step varies depending on the maximum aperture of the lens. Adjust, shoot (Large/Fine JPEG), and check the focus. Repeat to adjust the AF's point of focus.

With setting 1 or 2 selected, press the <INFO.> button to view the register screen.

To cancel all the registered adjustments, press the <> button.

0: Disable
1: Adjust all by some amount.

The same adjustment is applied to all lenses.

2: Adjust by lens

An adjustment can be set individually for any particular lens. Adjustments for up to 20 lenses can be registered in the camera. When a lens whose focus adjustment has been registered is attached to the camera, its point of focus will be shifted accordingly. If adjustments for 20 lenses have already been registered and you want to register an adjustment for another lens, select a lens whose adjustment can be overwritten of deleted.

  • It is best to make the adjustment at the actual location to be photographed. This will make the adjustment more precise.
  • With setting 2, if an Extender is used, the adjustment will be registered for the lens and extender combination.



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