Troubleshooting steps to follow if you are unable to open RAW images on your computer.

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Troubleshooting steps to follow if you are unable to open RAW images on your computer.


Differences between RAW Images and JPEG Images

RAW is the name given to an image file type that records image data captured by the camera's image sensor without any processing; it takes the name "RAW" because the data is raw.

Each camera manufacturer has a different type of RAW format. Therefore, some applications do not support RAW images that are captured by EOS DIGITAL cameras.

Checking Whether the Captured RAW Images Are Supported by Applications

If you cannot open the RAW images captured by the camera on your computer, please make sure whether the application used supports the camera.

Application Requirements
Digital Photo Professional*
ZoomBrowser EX*
- Applications that are bundled with the EOS DIGITAL cameras that shoot RAW images
- Applications that are updated using updaters
The details of updaters can be checked on the Canon Web site.
Commercially available image editing applications Please contact the manufacturers of the applications.

* Updaters for Digital Photo Professional, ZoomBrowser EX (for Windows), or ImageBrowser (for Macintosh), are available for download from the Canon Web site.


Using Canon RAW Codec

If you are using the 32-bit version of Windows 7, Windows Vista (SP1 or SP2), or Windows XP (SP2 or SP3), RAW images can be displayed with Windows Photo Viewer or other software by installing Canon RAW Codec.

For details of Canon RAW Codec, please see the Canon Web site.



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