Specify [Paper Type] properly (LBP6300)

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Specify [Paper Type] properly


Specify [Paper Type] properly

Follow the procedure below to check/set the paper type.

1 Open the file to be printed.

2. Select [Print] from the [File] menu.

3. Click [Properties].

4. Specify the settings for [Paper Source] and [Paper Type].

  1. Display the [Paper Source] sheet.
  2. Set the paper source you want to use.
  3. Select the type of the paper loaded in the paper source.*

* Specify the setting according to the paper type as follows.

Paper Type

Setting for [Paper Type]

Plain Paper (16.0 to 23.9 lb. Bond (60 to 90 g/m2)) [Plain Paper] (Default)
[Plain Paper L]**
Heavy Paper (24.0 lb. Bond to 55.5 lb. Cover (91 to 150 g/m2)) [Heavy Paper 1]
Heavy Paper (55.6 to 60.3 lb. Cover (151 to 163 g/m2)) [Heavy Paper 2]
Transparency [Transparency]
Label [Label]
Index Card [Envelope]
Envelope [Envelope]

** If the printed paper curls (the printed side curls outward) when printed with [Plain Paper] selected, select [Plain Paper L].

5. Specify the other printing preferences as needed.

6. Confirm the settings, then click [OK].

-> The [Print] dialog box reappers.

7. Click [OK].

-> The printer starts printing.



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