Special 1-5 setting should be used.

Article ID: ART108807 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/16/2015


Special 1-5 setting should be used if third party media is being used in the printer.


Special 1-5 setting should be used if third party media is used in the printer. Please be sure that the third party media is within specification of the printer. For media settings in the printer and driver software, use any one of "Special" media setting. Each "Special" mode allows the use of any media feeding method, including "Cassette" and "Manual Loading (3mm Margins)" for iPF printers with those options. Note that higher numbers in "Special" media setting will allow higher ink amount but may also cause ink to bleed together if the media requires less ink for full saturation. Special 1-5 supports the use of regular black only. When using Special 1-5, media parameters such as printhead height, drying time, cutting mode, margin, vacuum, and etc., are preset to a typical setting. In order to attain the best quality, adjust settings to best suit the third party media being used.



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