Cleaning the Inside of the Printer (LBP6300)

Article ID: ART108871 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/16/2015


Cleaning the Inside of the Printer


Cleaning the Inside of the Printer

If the printed paper has smudge marks, clean the fixing roller using the following procedure.

* Letter plain paper is required to clean the fixing roller. Have Letter plain paper ready.

1. Load Letter plain paper in the multi-purpose tray or paper cassette.

2. Click [ ] in the Windows taskbar, and then select the printer name.

3. From the [Options] menu, select [Utility] m² [Cleaning].

4. Click [OK]. Then, the cleaning page is printed.

Next, clean the fixing roller using the printed cleaning page.

5. If any paper is loaded in the multi-purpose tray, remove it.

6. Load the cleaning page in the multi-purpose tray with the printed side facing up.

m² The paper is fed into the printer slowly, and the printer starts cleaning the fixing roller.


Cleaning time

  • It takes approximately 60 seconds.

    * Cleaning the fixing roller cannot be canceled. Please wait until it is completed. (The cleaning is finished when the paper is output completely.)



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