Procedure for setting exposure compensation PowerShot SD4000 IS.

Article ID: ART108937 | Date published: 05/11/2015 | Date last updated: 08/16/2015


Adjusting the Exposure Compensation

Adjust the exposure compensation setting to avoid making the subject too dark when it is backlit or shot against a bright background or to avoid making lights appear too bright in night shots. You can adjust the standard exposure set by the camera in 1/3-stop increments in the range of -2 to +2. This function is available in the P (Program AE).

1) Press directly up on the control dial to enter the Exposure Compensation mode.

2) While watching the screen, turn the dial to adjust the brightness and press up on the dial to confirm the setting. The exposure compensation amount will appear on the screen.


The settings can be adjusted in 1/3 steps in the range -2 to +2.

You can confirm the effect of the setting in the LCD monitor when it is on.

You can shoot right after selecting a value. The menu displays again after the shot, allowing you to change the settings easily.

Reset the exposure compensation by returning the setting to "0".

  • This function is not available in the (Auto) mode.
  • The exposure compensation can also be set or reset in a movie mode.



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