How to Arrange and Save Layouts in the VK-64 / VK-16 Software ver. 2.2

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Manage Video Layouts

Layout menu

The Layout menu allows you to save particular Video Window layouts for easy monitoring.

The name of the currently-displayed layout can be found in the top-left corner of the Viewing Area, next to the Layout button. You can create a new layout, save a layout or open and rename a previously-saved layout.

Click the Layout button to open the Layout menu. You can also right-click anywhere in the Viewing Area to display the Layout menu.

Below the Layout menu options, existing Layouts are displayed and divided into two sections.


The layout displayed when launching the Viewer is the first layout listed in the Personal Layouts (or in the Shared Layouts if there is no Personal Layouts).

To create a new layout (a previously-saved layout is displayed):

Click the Layout button to open the menu, and then select [New Layout].

The Viewing Area will become blank and the default layout name [Untitled] will be displayed.

The process of creating folders and saving a layout could be done in the following order:

Drag the Camera Server's thumbnails onto the Viewing Area to create the layout.

Organize Layouts and Layout Sequences

The [Organize Layouts & Layout Sequences] dialog allows you to create folders and sub-folders in which to save item (layouts and layout sequences). To display the dialog:

Open the Layout menu and select [Organize]

The [Organize Layouts & Layout Sequences] dialog opens (Administrator version shown). The [Shared Layouts] folder will not display if you have logged in as an Operator.

Create a new folder

1. In the [Organize Layouts & Layout Sequences] dialog, click on a shared or personal folder and then click [Create Folder]. The Folder Name dialog appears.

2. Enter a name up to 50 characters and click [OK].

The new folder will appear in the [Organize Layouts & Layout Sequences] dialog.

Move or Copy a layout or layout Sequence to another folder

1. In the [Organize Layouts & Layout Sequences] dialog, click an item to highlight it, then click [Move to Folder]. The [Select destination folder] dialog opens showing a list of created folders.

2. Click to select the target folder in the list and click [OK].

The item will be moved into that folder.

If you selected [Copy to Folder], you can copy items in the same manner.

Move an entry up or down

Click an item or folder to highlight it, then click [Move Up] or [Move Down]. The item will move up or down within a folder.

Edit or delete a layout or folder

Click an item or folder to highlight it, then click [Edit]. The respective [Layout Name] or [Folder Name] dialog will appear for you to overwrite a new name.

Click an item or folder to highlight it, then click [Delete]. If you have Operator status, you will not be able to delete a shared layout or layout sequence.


  • You cannot change the parent folder names, [Shared Layouts] or [Personal Layouts].
  • You need Administrator privilege to manage shared folders

Save a Layout or Layout Sequence

Administrators and Operators can save layouts and layout sequences to an existing folder or a new folder via the [Save Layout] dialog.

Step 1: Open the Layout menu and select [Save] or [Save As]

The Save Layout dialog opens. A New Folder button and Name field is also available for you to create a new name and location for the copied layout or layout sequence.

Step 2: Create a name for the layout or layout sequence

1. Change [Untitled] or an existing layout name to save the item with a new name.

2. Click a location in the list. Click to select the folder to save the layout and click [OK].

The item is saved to that folder.

Alternatively, click [Create Folder] to create a new folder and save the item in there. For example, if you wish to save an Administrator-shared layout to a personal folder.

Once you have saved an item, the name will appear next to the Layout button in the Viewing Area.

Open a previously-saved layout

Click the Layout button to open the menu and then click a layout or layout sequence in the list. The item will be loaded onto the Viewing Area.

If you select another item without saving the current item, a dialog will appear prompting you to save the current layout or layout sequence (if the [Layout setting] in the [Viewer Settings] window is ticked).

Arrange Layout Sequences

You can set up an automated sequence of shared and personal layouts to display in the Viewing Area at set intervals.

1. From the Layout menu, select [New Layout Sequence]. The [Add Layout Sequence] dialog displays.

2. Enter a sequence name for the new layout sequence and choose a [Type] of layout sequence from the menu, [Personal Layout Sequence] or [Shared Layout Sequence] (you can switch between the two as you add layouts).

3. Use the [Add Layout >] button to add layouts to the new sequence. Click [Up] and [Down] to change the display sequence of layouts. Click [Delete] to delete the layout.

4. In the [Duration] menu, select a set duration of display time for each layout or enter a custom time, overwriting the existing time.

Shared Layout Sequence:

All the users can share these layouts. You need Administrator privilege to create a layout sequence. Normal users cannot modify these layouts.

Personal Layout Sequence:

Lists layouts created by the current user. Other users cannot use them.


  • You can only save layouts as a layout sequence.
  • For details about intervals, see "Notes on Operating Environment"

Start Layout Sequences

To start the layout sequence, select it from the Layout menu.

When a layout sequence is running, further options are available in the Layout menu.
  • Click [Edit Layout Sequence] to change settings in the currently-running layout sequence. The current sequence will be indicated as [Paused].
  • Click [Resume Layout Sequence] to play the current layout sequence.



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