Reseat ink tank(s) MP640 / MP640R

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The ink tanks may not be seated properly in the machine. Remove and reinsert them to clear the error.


Reseat the Ink Tanks

If the ink tanks are not installed correctly, you may hear knocking noises,  error messages may appear on the printer's display, or printouts may be missing color(s).

  1. Make sure that the power is turned on, and open the Paper Output Tray gently.

  2. Lift the Scanning Unit (Cover) until it stops.

  3. The Print Head Holder moves to the replacement position.


If the Document Cover is open, you cannot open the Scanning Unit (Cover). Be sure to lift the Scanning Unit (Cover) with the Document Cover closed.

Do not hold the LCD or the Operation Panel.

Do not hold the Print Head Holder to stop or move it forcibly. Do not touch the Print Head Holder until it stops completely.

Do not touch the metallic parts or other parts inside the machine.

note Note:

If the Scanning Unit (Cover) is left open for more than 10 minutes, the Print Head Holder moves to the right. In this case, close and reopen the Scanning Unit (Cover).

The machine may make operating noise when the Print Head Holder moves to the replacement position.

  1. Push the tab (A) and lift it to remove all the ink tanks.

    Note: It may be necessary to twist the ink tank slightly to remove it from the print head holder.

  2. Do not touch the Print Head Lock Lever (B).

important Caution: Handle the ink tank carefully to avoid staining of clothing or the surrounding area.

  1. Reinstall the ink tanks.

    1. Insert the front end of ink tank into the Print Head at a slant.
      Make sure that the position of the ink tank matches the label.

    2. Press the mark (Push) on the ink tank until the ink tank snaps firmly into place.
      Make sure that the ink lamp lights up red.

important Important:

You cannot print if the ink tank is installed in the wrong position. Be sure to install the ink tank in the correct position according to the label on the Print Head Holder.

You cannot print unless all the ink tanks are installed. Be sure to install all the ink tanks.

  1. Close the Scanning Unit (Cover) gently.

Be sure to hold the Scanning Unit (Cover) firmly using hands, and be careful not to get your fingers caught.
Do not hold the LCD or the Operation Panel.

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