Checking the Ink status - MP280 / MP495 / MP499

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You can confirm the status of each ink cartridge on the printer status monitor (Windows) and Canon IJ Printer Utility (Macintosh).


Checking the Ink Level With the Computer Screen

You can confirm the status of each FINE Ink Cartridge on the operation panel or from your computer.


  • The ink level detector is mounted on the machine to detect the remaining ink level. The machine considers as ink is full when a new FINE Cartridge is installed, and then starts to detect remaining ink level. If you install a used FINE Cartridge, the indicated ink level of ink cartridge may not be correct. In such case, refer to the ink level information only as a guide.
  • When remaining ink cautions or errors occur, the error code will appear on the LED to inform you of the error.


With the Ink Lamps on the Operation Panel

Make sure that the LED is in the copy standby mode. You can confirm the ink status with the Ink lamps.

(1) Alarm lamp

(2) Color Ink lamp

(3) Black Ink lamp

Color Ink lamp or Black Ink lamp lights

The ink is running low. Prepare a new ink cartridge.

Color Ink lamp or Black Ink lamp flashes, while Alarm lamp lights

An error has occurred.
* For some types of errors, the Alarm lamp may not light.

With the Computer Screen

When the mark appears on the Low Ink Warning

*Displayed image varies depending on printer model

(A) Check if any symbol appears on the screen.

The ink level of the FINE Cartridge showing the mark is low. You should ensure you have a new FINE Cartridge.

Note: An error message may appear while printing. Confirm the message and take an appropriate action.

Follow the procedure below to open each of the confirmation screens.

  1. Open the Printer Properties dialog box.

  2. Click View Printer Status on the Maintenance sheet.
    To confirm the FINE Cartridge information, click the Ink Details menu.

    Note: You can also display the printer status monitor by clicking Canon XXX (where "XXX" is your printer's name) which appears on the taskbar during printing.

  1. Open the Canon IJ Printer Utility.

  2. Select Ink Level Information in the pop-up menu.
    To confirm the FINE Cartridge information, click Ink Details.

Open the Printer Driver Setup Window through the Start Menu

Follow the procedure below to perform maintenance operations such as print head cleaning, or to configure print settings that are common for all application software.

  1. Select items from the Start menu as shown below.
    • In Windows 7, select Devices and Printers from the Start menu.
    • In Windows Vista, select the Start menu > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Printers.
    • In Windows XP, select the Start menu > Control Panel > Printers and Other Hardware > Printers and Faxes.

  2. Right-click your model name icon and then select Printing Preferences from the displayed menu.
    The printer driver setup window opens.

Return to View Printer Status

Canon IJ Printer Utility

  1. In the Apple menu select System Preferences

  2. Open Print & Fax.
  3. Make sure the correct printer is selected and, depending on OS version, click 'Open Print Queue...' or 'Print Queue...'.

  4. If using OS X 10.5 or earlier, proceed to step 5. If using OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard),
    click here for the remaining steps.

  5. Click the Utility icon.

  6. Select the printer, then click 'Maintenance'.

Return to Ink Level Information

Additional steps for OS X 10.6.x

  1. Click the Printer Setup icon
  2. Click the Utility tab.

  3. Click Open Printer Utility.

  4. Select the correct printer, then click Maintenance

Return to Mac Ink Status Instructions



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